It's Politics ... Accompanied by Some Suds

Article excerpt

Those of us living in battleground states like Florida might feel a bit overwhelmed by the combative ad campaigns by President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney that fill our airwaves.

USA Network offers a short-term alternative with its potentially involving but soapy six-part mini-series, "Political Animals," which puts a human face on those who long to run our government.

It's a change of pace for USA, home to lighthearted crime dramas.

"Political Animals" stars Sigourney Weaver in her first series role, one that has a lot of familiarity. She plays Elaine Barrish Hammond, a former first lady who loses in a hard-fought presidential primary and then agrees to become her opponent's secretary of state.

Weaver has said that ends any similarity to Hillary Rodham Clinton, unless you consider that her husband (played by Ciaran Hands) is a Southern charmer with a very keen eye for politics and women.

The series, created by Greg Berlanti ("Everwood," "Brothers & Sisters"), is intended to put a family spin on the political arena, as Geena Davis tried in her short-lived "Commander in Chief." It makes you wonder why a woman would stay with a philandering husband. Is it for family, for love or her own ambitions?

Elaine is a sharp, no-nonsense leader who has trouble connecting personally with people, but she knows her way through the halls of power. …


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