Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

Daily Masses Offered in Latin

Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

Daily Masses Offered in Latin

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Christ the King Catholic Church is a throwback: an exceptionally conservative church where the Mass is Latin, reconciliations, or confessions, are heard in a stunning antique carved oak confessional and the priests wear their cassocks as part of daily life.

The church is quiet, reverent. The chapel is an exquisite homage to serenity and the purity of prayer.

And it is all by design. Father James Fryar has led the church since its inception.

Fryar hails from Sydney, Australia. He belongs to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, FSSP, a community of Roman Catholic priests. He began his service to God in a Franciscan Monastery and still seeks quiet solitude during yearly sabbaticals.

He is an amiable young man with an extraordinary reverence for the Gospel and dedication to his faith.

When queried about the conservative life that he embraces, he said, "I chose to give my life to God -- and I wanted to go all the way."

Latin Mass in Sarasota began as a once weekly service at St. Martha Church, read by Father Fausto Stampiglia, approximately six years ago.

Priests must be uniquely qualified to read the Latin Mass; as parishioners embraced the budding service, Bishop Frank Dewane found Fryar and in 2009, the Diocese of Venice and Fryar established Christ the King.

The church mission statement clearly reflects their purpose and goals; "Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi," translated, "How we pray inspires what we believe, and motivates how we live."

Thus, Fryar said, Glory to God is expressed in the gold chalice, the linen cloths and the beeswax candles he uses. "Everything is pure, everything is orientated toward doing the best that we can," he said. No one knows who wrote the Latin Mass, he continued, "but it can be traced back to St. Peter."

Fryar's office is small, cluttered; his extensive library includes both ancient tomes and contemporary cds and it appears that he is in a constant state of enlightenment. …

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