Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

Take That Outrage - to Another Case

Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

Take That Outrage - to Another Case

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People who wanted a guilty verdict for George Zimmerman are entitled to peacefully express disappointment.

I'm not really sure what there is to protest regarding that verdict, though, even for people convinced Zimmerman belongs in prison.

Protesting implies jurors did wrong, as if having doubts about guilt is a crime.

Protest made sense, and achieved its aim, back when it was about the decision that Zimmerman would not be charged despite evidence that he had racially profiled and then fatally shot a teenage visitor in Sanford.

But after those successful protests, a murder charge was filed and it has now been prosecuted vigorously. More evidence came out, too. Some gave limited support to Zimmerman's claim that while he strongly had suspected and followed Trayvon Martin for no valid reason, he did nothing else to provoke an attack.

The unarmed Martin, he said, suddenly charged and knocked him down and pounded his head on the pavement. I suspect Zimmerman omitted part of the sequence of events. But as that was never proven, and Zimmerman had wounds to show that his head was pounded, I find no fault with the jurors.

I mean aside from their failure to have psychic powers that would have told them certainly and exactly what happened before Zimmerman pulled his concealed gun and fired. But many other people do have psychic powers, at least when inspired by political and racial insights, or pro- or anti-gun attitudes or the like.

Those people know for sure that Zimmerman really was innocent, or that he should have been convicted.

Not me. I have doubts I think are reasonable. I think we must now accept the tragic fact that none of us really knows what Zimmerman did or didn't do in the moments before he grappled with and shot that unarmed teenager.

But some anti-verdict protesters are bringing up another Florida case that is very different. …

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