Opio Toure Heading Langston Effort to Encourage More Minority Students to Go to Law School

Article excerpt

Former Oklahoma City state representative Opio Toure is leading a new program at Langston University to encourage more minority students to go to law school.

Toure said Langston's pre-law initiative will also assist students in exploring the opportunities offered by pursuing various legal careers, and help them prepare and enter law school.

"One will be exposing them to lawyers, practicing attorneys, and other individuals who are using law degrees in various industries and occupations, teaming them up for one-on-one mentoring, letting them know what being a lawyer or having a law degree is really all about," he said.

Toure said current students in the new program will also visit some of the state's three law schools.

Toure said preparing students for law school itself will also be a part of the program. He said that would include courses that will help them develop their analytical skills and help them prepare for the Law School Admission Test, the entrance exam for law school.

Toure said some who receive law degrees do not practice law.

"The law degree is a very versatile degree," he said. …


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