Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

A Message for the Latest Presidential Candidate

Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

A Message for the Latest Presidential Candidate

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I AM HAPPY the former ambassador to China, John Huntsman, will be announcing his candidacy for the presidency in New Jersey, but as he announces and invokes the images of Liberty and Ellis Island, it is important that he remember that he has supported the Ryan plan that would cut more than $1 million from the Statue of Liberty's budget, end Medicare as we know it and give tax breaks to the wealthy.

In fact, as he makes his announcement, he should remember that it was the Republican Party that voted "no" to creating the recovery jobs to restore and stabilize the Baggage and Dormitory Building, a valuable piece of Ellis Island's history. It was the Republican Party that said "no" to repairing the seawall around the entire shoreline to protect the island from further erosion and "no" to creating jobs to build the bridge connecting the walks in front of the Ferry Building.

As Huntsman pursues his candidacy and talks about jobs at one of our most symbolic national parks, I hope he realizes it was the Republican Party that said "no" to providing recovery funds to invest in preserving and protecting our national parks and monuments, many in Huntsman's home state of Utah.

As he announces his candidacy in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants began their lives in America, I hope he will be the voice of reason in the Republican presidential primary process that steers the debate toward agreement on responsible, fair and comprehensive immigration reform.

Those early immigrants from Ireland, Italy and countries far beyond lived through the Great Depression, brought on by eight years of failed and indifferent Republican economic policies. They were given a New Deal and fought their way back through a long period of recovery that Republicans opposed.

Job creation

Similarly, today middle class families in New Jersey and across this nation are struggling to find jobs and keep their homes and their health care in the Great Recession that President Obama inherited. …

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