Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Liberty State Park fiasco unbelievable

Regarding "Hidden threat to state park" (Page A-1, Jan. 1):

You have to be kidding me. An amendment regarding Liberty State Park was added to a bill at the last minute and no one is claiming responsibility for it?

This practice, be it in Trenton or Washington, D.C., of bills being passed without being read simply has to stop. This is not unique to either Democrats or Republicans.

If anyone attempted to do something similar in the private sector, he or she would either be questioned as in, "Are you sure you really want to do this?" or they would be fired if they actually went ahead and agreed to terms without a clear understanding of them. No matter what size the company or contract, as well as in your personal binding transactions, you first understand what it is you are getting into, then you agree to it.

Our state and federal governments are multi-billion dollar enterprises, yet they are being managed via a process that defies accountability and via a process that flies in the face of basic common sense business practice.

All bills need to be posted online for a minimum of five days so elected servants and the public have a chance to read and thoroughly understand them.

There is no rational argument to the contrary. Write bills so they can be understood. This is a simple and necessary step. After all, it is our money. We need to demand basic accountability from our public servants.

Tom McCarthy

River Edge, Jan. 2


Regarding "Hidden threat to state park" (Page A-1, Jan. 1):

On Sept. 11, 2013, I and several other photographers decided to go to Bayonne to photograph the "Tribute of Lights."

We had been to this location several years earlier. From that location, you had a fantastic view of the Word Trade Center site with Lady Liberty in the foreground.

As we arrived, we found that a large industrial complex had been built where we used to photograph. Still, there were close to 100 people there to view this million dollar scene.

But then, the Bayonne Police showed up and threatened tickets and arrest if we did not leave the area. The viewing area that used to accommodate the citizens of New Jersey was gone.

I am sure that the city of Bayonne received a great ratable, but the people lost a scene that could be considered the Yosemite of Hudson County. That site needs to somehow be restored so we can enjoy the sweeping panoramas of New York City.

Developers can and will take every inch of waterfront property if given the chance. We cannot let that happen.

Chip Renner

Rochelle Park, Jan. 1

Port Authority out of control

Regarding "Governors unveil their PA plan" (Page A-1, Dec. 28):

Our governor is thumbing his nose at New Jersey voters again. Republican and Democratic representatives passed a substantial Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reform bill, yet many will not defy the governor and vote for an override of his veto.

Is it their duty to represent voters, or is it their duty to remain in the good graces of a successful fundraising governor? Port Authority reform begins to address major concerns beyond the George Washington Bridge scandal, including the bus terminal, huge police overtime pay, political power and patronage.

Karen Garguilo

Closter, Dec. 31


It is frustrating to continuously wake up to bad news about the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Now, there is a proposal to end overnight PATH service under the guise of saving $10 million a year. Transportation of people and goods is what the Port Authority should embrace as Priority No. 1. New Jersey needs more interstate public transportation options, not less.

We should be discussing the construction of the Number 7 subway into New Jersey and the extension of the A-subway line from the George Washington Bridge into Paterson instead of fearfully shrinking from the future. …

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