Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

'Dream' Led to Killings

Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

'Dream' Led to Killings

Article excerpt

PATERSON - A Passaic man being tried on charges of murder told a police detective that he opened fire on a group of men standing outside a bodega after dreaming that they wanted to kill him.

"I had a dream, like a ghost," Edwin Jimenez said in the interview at police headquarters. "I woke up with this in my head - they wanted to kill me. I went and did what I did."

Jimenez, 23, is on trial in Superior Court, accused of shooting at four men, killing two of them, near Flores Mini Mart in February 2012.

Hours after the shooting, he was stopped outside a Clifton liquor store in a car driven by his brother. Police found a revolver under the front seat and took Jimenez in for questioning.

Passaic County prosecutors on Tuesday finished playing a 2 1/2- hour recording of his interrogation with Detective Alex Flores.

In the interview, Jimenez initially denied knowing about the gun or the shooting. He said he saw a movie with his friends that night - a new release about a girl and a group of men with superpowers. He told Flores he didn't know the names of the movie, the theater or the city in which he saw it.

Flores, who took the stand for the second day, testified that he could tell Jimenez was lying at many points because he lacked confidence and gave inadequate answers to his questions. In the interview, the detective demanded that Jimenez tell the truth, pressuring him repeatedly with talk of jail but noting that he would face less time if he was honest.

"You're going to be in a hole so deep you're not going to see no [expletive] light," Flores said in the interview.

At one point, Flores also suggested that Jimenez could possibly face the death penalty, which is outlawed in New Jersey. "In this country, it isn't the death penalty, but if they look for it, they can find it," he said in the interrogation.

Jimenez exhaled deeply, his hands shook and he cried before telling the detective that he bought the revolver for $300 from someone living in Pennsylvania who came to his house. He later admitted to the shooting, explaining that the group of men at the bodega "had done lots of things to me."

"Those people were like constantly after me, giving me problems," Jimenez said. …

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