Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

In Gay Marriage Debate, CNN Anchor Gets It Wrong

Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

In Gay Marriage Debate, CNN Anchor Gets It Wrong

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"...the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God." -- John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address, Jan. 20, 1961.

It isn't often a member of the media reveals the philosophy behind his political ideology, but CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has outed himself. In an exchange with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore about Moore's refusal to adhere to a federal appellate judge's order to ignore the state constitution and begin granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Moore said "...our rights contained in the Bill of Rights do not come from the Constitution, they come from God."

Cuomo disagreed: "Our laws do not come from God, your honor, and you know that. They come from man."

Obviously, Cuomo flunked civics. Does he really believe that man is responsible for bestowing rights, and can therefore take those rights away as he sees fit? That a right bestowed today by a governing body of mere mortals can be invalidated by another body, say, following an election?

It is not a new debate, but a debate worth renewing.

The framers of the Constitution understood that to put certain rights out of the reach of government, those rights had to come from a place government could not reach.

Thomas Jefferson understood this well enough to write in the Declaration of Independence that our rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" are "endowed by our Creator." He added in the next sentence that the purpose of government is to "secure these rights."

When government believes it can create or take away rights, it becomes a god unto itself and potentially endangers those rights. The only way to preserve them for ourselves and our posterity is to acknowledge they come from a higher place.

English jurist William Blackstone understood this. …

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