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Different Strokes: Paint N' Cheers Owners Make Art Accessible to All

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Different Strokes: Paint N' Cheers Owners Make Art Accessible to All

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Adam Jones and his wife, Stephanie, were living in Denver but decided they would like to move back to Oklahoma City.

He is a graduate of Oklahoma City University with a degree in studio arts. Stephanie is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in marketing and advertising.

In Denver, they had taken a social interactive art class.

"I was homesick and we decided to move back to Oklahoma City and create our own rendition of the art class," Adam said.

So Stephanie and Adam moved back to Oklahoma City and opened Paint N' Cheers at 1614 N. Gatewood Ave., in Oklahoma City's Plaza District.

"We lived in Plaza District before we moved to Denver," Adam said. "It was like going home. So we took the opportunity to join the Plaza District family."

At Paint N' Cheers, people can create artworks that they can take home and call their own. Classes are offered for group events, including birthdays and anniversaries. Classes are scheduled weekly for people who are not part of a visiting group, but still want to create their own art.

"We want our artists to feel like they are working in their own art studio," Adam said.

Converting the space they found in the Paseo District for Paint N' Cheers took a lot of sweat equity.

"I completely remodeled the entire space myself," Adam said.

The space had to be brought up to city codes. The remodeling included adding a bathroom.

Paint N' Cheers opened about 18 months ago and has already expanded.

"We expanded about six months ago," he said. "I knocked out a wall to add a second classroom."

The larger classroom has a capacity of 44 guest artists. The smaller classroom has space for a maximum of 24 people.

Adam and Stephanie both have well-defined duties.

"I paint a lot of the various artwork we offer each month," he said. "We work together to pick out the paintings to bring out each month."

Adam teaches at least six classes each week and does the cleaning.

"Stephanie does the bookkeeping, marketing and advertising," Adam said. …

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