Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Keys to KM: Immigrant's Son Finds Opportunity with Online Marketing Firm

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Keys to KM: Immigrant's Son Finds Opportunity with Online Marketing Firm

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Mike Hoang believes one of his greatest strengths is the ability to network and connect others to people who will help them achieve their goals. That led Hoang to create the Internet marketing company KM Marketing LLC.

Hoang, 28, described KM Marketing as similar to a broker. Hoang acts as a conduit, helping clients find the right Web development or online marketing firms to best serve their needs. Hoang has partnered with 17 local online marketing companies and refers clients to them.

"Our company is a little different from the norm," Hoang said. "We are very much in the mind-set of, 'If we're not the best fit, we will help you find someone who is.' We believe there is enough business for everyone, so people deserve to work with the best."

Hoang started KM Marketing two years ago while he was working for a Web development company and realized there are many niches when it comes to online marketing. Hoang said he sold a website that turned out to not be a good fit for a client, but ended up being ideal for another company. That's when he had the idea of taking a brokerage approach.

"I thought, 'Why doesn't someone go out there with so many website companies available and act like a broker and connect people where they need to go?" Hoang said. "I'm a connector naturally, and I was trying to figure out a way I could build relationships within the community and refer people, and KM Marketing turned out to be a way for me to do that."

The company offers in-house services such as social media training and development, and video production services in the creation of promotional and testimonial online videos for clients.

"Promotional videos are a powerful medium because it's one of the few ways you can get to know and trust a business or person without meeting them," he said.

Hoang said he has largely focused his efforts on working with small to midsized companies, as well as nonprofits. He has worked with such clients as the American Humane Society, Frontline Church and Mike's Garage. …

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