Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

More Men Rally to the City's War Call ; SARAH WALTERS Looks Back at What Was Making the News 100 Years Ago

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

More Men Rally to the City's War Call ; SARAH WALTERS Looks Back at What Was Making the News 100 Years Ago

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MONDAY DECEMBER 29, 1914 ANSWERING THE CALL - NEW RUSH TO THE COLOURS IN MANCHESTER "ARE you for the British train? Take a ticket now!" This appeal draws the eye of everyone who steps outside the Manchester recruiting office in Victoria-street.

Manchester has already contributed well over 60,000 men to the army, apart from the thousands of reservists who were called up when war broke out. That many thousands more will be added during the next few weeks is practically certain.

The men who responded today were of as good a type as those that have already been sent into training. Some were of a distinctly superior type - men who were obviously making great financial sacrifices by taking "the King's shilling".

By to-night, 1,500 letters will have been posted to men in the Manchester district whose willingness to join the colours has been notified. Those letters will go into every district of the city and every suburb.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 29, 1914 LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS FOR CONWAY THE Mayor of Salford (Alderman Worsley) pictured inspecting the Salford Battalions of the Lancashire Fusiliers, to-day, before their departure for Conway. The officer on the right is Major-Godfrey, Chief Constable of Salford. The dog (inset) is the regimental mascot.

MR. GEORGE MILNER - VETERAN FREEMAN'S FUNERAL AT BOWDON. THE funeral of the late Mr. George Milner (pictured below), who died as his home, Belmont, Bowdon, on Christmas morning, at the advanced age of 85 years, took place at Bowdon Parish Church, to-day, as was the occasion of a remarkable demonstrations of affectionate regard for the memory of Manchester's veteran freemason.

The many social, religious, philanthropic, literary, educational, and other public organisations with which Mr. Milner had been associated were represented, and there was a well-filled congregations in church during the service.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 30, 1914 BOOK-BUYING BOOM - PUBLIC THIRST FOR MILITARY KNOWLEDGE AS a nation we are strangely unfamiliar with military tactics and naval strategy matter which are at the present moment absolutely vital to our very being. The public seems suddenly to have realised that deplorable deficiency, and one of the most interesting events of the war time has been the sight of people falling over each other in the search for enlightenment.

The enterprising bookseller has taken full advantage of the opportunity. In Manchester we have seen bookshop windows flooded with war literature from penny pamphlets to magnificent works about past wars, with artistic binding and many coloured pages. There have been times when the demand has exceeded the supply.

The public appetite for all and everything about the war has been absolutely insatiable; they have devoured volume upon volume of dodgy stuff by arm-chair tacticians and retired army officers with pet theories. …

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