Newspaper article

Mario Cuomo, by One Who Loved Him

Newspaper article

Mario Cuomo, by One Who Loved Him

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There's a joke that goes:

How can you tell when a politician is lying?

Answer: Their lips move.

Those of us who don't run for high office, but sneer from the cheap seats at those who do, need to somehow find a way to limit our natural and often justified cynicism that those who run are little more than ambition made flesh, willing to say or do anything to get to the next rung of the slippery ladder.

The passing of Mario Cuomo is a good opportunity to recall that there are politicians who are politicians because they believe in things and want to give voice to those beliefs, who must have ambition and some quotient of ruthlessness to get anywhere in the politics game, but who are not just ruthless ambition made flesh.

When a politician announces they will not run, the fallback cynical journalistic thought is that the candidate decided he couldn't win.

Cuomo was the media-designated frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1992, but decided not to run. …

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