Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Who Needs Flying Cars?

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Who Needs Flying Cars?

Article excerpt

Outside Boston, a team boasting nine MIT degrees wants to end your terrible commute. There's no sitting in traffic when you can hit a button, take off vertically and fly straight to your destination.

Ahh yes, the dream of the Jetsons realized.

Eager investors have poured $10 million into Terrafugia, which thinks it will improve human freedom thanks to flying cars.

The team's intentions appear very good. They want to do something grand - as we are reminded: The last generation went to the moon. Their parents started Hoover Dam before they knew it was even possible to finish it. Why don't we do anything hard these days?

There are actually quite a few people trying to get to Mars right now, and some attempting to cure cancer. Others are even trying to cure diseases while in space. But I digress.

Flying cars - which might generate drone-like excitement from the masses - appear a misguided solution to humanity's hard problems of today. If flying cars pass regulatory hurdles, sell at an affordable price and end the era of congested roads, we will have made long commutes tolerable.

Long commutes are indeed a pain, but climate change is worse. …

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