Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Mothers Have the Chance to Lead the Way

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Mothers Have the Chance to Lead the Way

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I was dismayed to see the latest video from the pro-life activist group Live Action, which specializes in investigating what's going on inside America's "women's health clinics." It highlights a Planned Parenthood educational video and PP employees advising teens about BDSM - a catchall for sexual violence: bondage, discipline and domination, submission and sadism and masochism.

It encapsulates the darkness of "50 Shades of Grey" - which one staffer recommends as a good primer on whips and clamps - and a culture that is bored with sex after having so much of it. It's a dead end.

I actually thought with some hope about our future, though, when skimming through Hillary Clinton's new book - universally considered to be a pre-presidential campaign prop - "Hard Choices." I confess that I have long been intrigued by the prospect of Hillary Clinton as president of the United States.

Maybe it's the thought that my colleague Ramesh Ponnuru put in my head when he wrote his book "The Party of Death." He explains a dream he had about the former first lady, secretary of state and senator. "She is at the podium, well into a campaign speech." It's definitely a friendly crowd for her.

In Mr. Ponnuru's dream, Ms. Clinton talks about prosecuting domestic violence and rape with tremendous sensitivity. And she eventually reaches the point where she speaks with great love for pregnant women and then proclaims: "We should all be able to agree that 1.3 million abortions a year is way too many, and we should work together to bring that number down. The most important thing we can do is to give women more options." She talks about the need to support families, and the ways the government and Supreme Court can help society do that.

She says in Mr. Ponnuru's dream, "America deserves better than abortion, and America deserves better than this fight we've been having for over a generation."

Ramesh's point is that we're not a country that's comfortable with abortion; we're a people who want women to have the help they need when facing an unplanned pregnancy. If Hillary Clinton actually gave a speech like this, it could just make her president. …

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