Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

CUTTING EDGE: New Ideas, Sharp Opinions [Derived Headline]

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

CUTTING EDGE: New Ideas, Sharp Opinions [Derived Headline]

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Andrew Sullivan at The Dish quotes various conservatives saying things like former GOP congressman Joe Walsh on Twitter: "Glad we nabbed a #Benghazi suspect, but the timing is questionable. Did they let him wander, waiting for the perfect political opportunity?"

Mr. Sullivan comments: "The reaction of the Fox News right to the capture of the ringleader of the attack on the Benghazi consulate/ CIA base tells you a huge amount. If their concern at the attack on the compound were genuine, they would have taken a moment to celebrate. Here, after all, is the fanatic they've wanted to get for two years now. He could help answer more questions than dozens of Congressional hearings. The truth of what occurred could be fleshed out much more definitively, as long as we use civilized methods of interrogation; and justice can be better served by trying him in a civilian court rather than military commissions, since the courts have an exponentially better record at prosecuting terrorists.

"But no. The FNC right is not interested in the actual facts of the case or the pursuit of justice. It is merely a weapon with which to bludgeon their partisan opponents. So good news like yesterday's will have to be instantly dismissed in order to maintain the crusade against the president."


Chris Briem at Null Space: "Looks like the Pittsburgh Parking Authority is going with the flow and raising rates at its Downtown garages by some more than trivial percentages. Not a new trend. And I am sure that if anyone wanted to plot out the rates over time at the private garages Downtown, the trend would look much the same.

"How can they get away with raising rates so much? Supply? Rather fixed at best. Demand? Must be doing pretty well. Anyone want to make the connection between ever higher parking rates Downtown and the Port Authority route cuts over the years? Efficient for the Port Authority for sure; they got rid of many of their long squiggly lines. But did those lost riders make it onto other bus routes? Actually I am sure the Parking Authority could raise rates even more and match the private sector rates if they wanted to. …

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