Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Stop Believing That It's OK to Hit a Child

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Stop Believing That It's OK to Hit a Child

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Ramesh Ponnuru encouraged us to "Spank With Care" (Sept. 26 Perspectives). When I had finished reading the commentary I felt sad.

People should stop trying to convince themselves and each other that it's OK to hit a child. Ever.

Anyone who has ever done it need only look into the eyes of the little one they've just struck to find the evidence of what they already know deep down inside their heart. It's a mean thing to do. It's a betrayal. And it is a failure on our part as nurturers.

Chuck the "studies" either way. The real question, and one we rarely pose to each other, is this: If it is possible to teach and raise loving, responsible children without laying a violent hand upon them, and no one can argue the fact that it is indeed possible, why would we ever encourage each other or allow each other to hit them?

We need to help each other be better human beings, not pander to each other's dark side. It might be legal, and obviously it's still socially acceptable. So what?


Mt. Lebanon

Busless in Baldwin

This letter is about the lack of bus service in Baldwin. Since the Port Authority cut the service to our plan in Baldwin, it is a 3- mile hike to Brownsville Road to get a bus. Most streets in Baldwin do not have sidewalks, and they cut street lights in many areas last year. That is a long hike in all kinds of weather with many hills.

Port Authority chairman Robert Hurley stated in an article July 26 ("Port Authority Standing Pat on Routes") that the authority did not promise any revival of routes with new funding. I read in more than one place that while the authority was rattling sabers and begging for money that it would "consider" putting some routes back, if and when it got money. Well, now it has the money.

Some public transit riders are getting million-dollar bus stops ("Bus Riders in Robinson Have Fancy Super-Shelters," July 30), and the PG reported Sept. 12 that the Port Authority is spending $8.6 million on its "real-time" system apps to tell those lucky enough to have transit service whether the bus is on time. Meanwhile, we're still walking!

But forget about the people who paid for and built the Port Authority - blue-collar workers, some now retired, living in the suburbs. …

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