Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

We Must Put an End to School Shootings

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

We Must Put an End to School Shootings

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The Ebola scare is getting all the attention these days, but there is an epidemic of a different type that needs addressing. The deadly shooting near Seattle ("Teacher Tried to Stop Washington State Shooting," Oct. 26) is now the 83rd of its kind since the disaster in Newtown, Conn., two short years ago. That was said to be the ultimate wake-up call at that time.

Much more needs to be done to secure our schools and to get inside the heads of these troubled children who need our help. Guns continue to enter the schools even with guards and metal detectors. Teachers, counselors, parents and even the students themselves need to exhibit more awareness and vigilance.

There is no longer any room for complacency. Maybe we can't cure Ebola as yet, but we can certainly do more to protect our children.



For steady progress

Hats off to the PG editorial board for its endorsement of Erin McClelland ("McClelland in the 12th: Government Shutdown Isn't the People's Cup of Tea," Oct. 24), running to unseat Keith Rothfus in one of Pennsylvania's most oddly drawn congressional districts.

If "coffee with Keith" is the way to serve a very diverse constituency, then I am really confused about modern politics. The congressman voted against protections for women, who make up more than half of his district. And he voted to shut down the government, which is a way to abdicate the very job he was hired to do.

Mr. Rothfus is totally opposed to the Affordable Care Act. Erin McClelland seems willing to discuss and change it.

Mr. Rothfus likes to pick and choose what he is willing to discuss. When he debated Ms. McClelland in Johnstown, he kept saying that he was longing for the next boom, but many of us would prefer a steady and reliable growth for our country and, in particular, our part of Pennsylvania. Western Pennsylvania needs stability with good jobs in sustainable industries.

This state needs a woman in Congress, and there could be no better choice than Erin McClelland. I hope we will turn out and make this happen.



Health care control

I support U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus' votes to repeal Obamacare because the president has not kept his promises on health care. President Barack Obama said that if we like our doctor we can keep our doctor, and if we like our plan we could keep it. That promise has been called the "Lie of the Year."

Mr. Rothfus is a cancer survivor, and he understands the importance of choosing a doctor and plan you are comfortable with. …

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