Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

News Quiz Will Determine Your Recent Attention Level

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

News Quiz Will Determine Your Recent Attention Level

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Now that March is here and winter's over - well, it's a theory - it's time for one of those quarterly news quizzes that makes you realize how little you've been following what's been going on.

1. People are vociferously arguing on the streets, in homes and at work about:

A) Whether a certain dress is blue and black or gold and white.

B) Whether this winter is worse than last.

C) Whether the Steelers should re-sign James Harrison for another year.

D) Whether deer in Mt. Lebanon should be rounded up and slaughtered or allowed to continue unimpeded ravaging of the countryside.

2. The Pirates' worst nightmare is:

A) Andrew McCutchen will suffer a serious injury.

B) A savage Islamic State terrorist will turn out to be a closet Buccos fan, with photos of him wearing his Pirates hat spread all across the Internet.

C) They'll find out that Clint Hurdle's hip surgery cost a lot more than they thought, because they have Highmark insurance and a UPMC doctor performed the operation out of network.

D) A.J. Burnett will reveal some new tattoos from Philadelphia that contain derogatory remarks about Pittsburgh.

3. Like a broken record, Pennsylvania lawmakers are once again:

A) Going through the motions of acting like it has an interest in passing a bill abolishing the state store system.

B) Increasing the size of their own slush fund for emergency legislative costs instead of using the money to help bridge the state's budget gap.

C) Being very attentive to the concerns of Pennsylvanians who don't live in cities.

D) Gearing up to have legislative staff members get out there to help them win re-election, now that their next campaigns are just 14 or so months away.

4. The biggest surprise of the winter has been:

A) Michael Keaton being denied an Oscars acceptance speech telling the world more about this mythical, magical land of "Forest Grove, Pennsylvania" that he identified as his hometown at the Golden Globes.

B) State Treasurer Rob McCord's admission that he committed illegal shakedowns of potential campaign contributors in his pursuit of being trounced by Tom Wolf in last year's Democratic gubernatorial primary. …

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