Newspaper article Roll Call

Coup Brews against NRCC Chairman

Newspaper article Roll Call

Coup Brews against NRCC Chairman

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Since January 2013, the NRCC has raised roughly $125 million. That's less than the $163 million that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee brought in during that same time period.

This has concerned some House GOP members, according to a Washington consultant with ties to Williams. The Williams ally also cited the NRCC's decision to take out a $20 million line of credit.

"The line of credit is a huge red flag," the consultant said. "And the minute that was announced, there were members calling Roger expressing their concern about the state of affairs at the NRCC."

Williams, who is the NRCC's national finance chairman, suggested the process for that decision could have been better.

"Unfortunately, on that particular issue, we were never contacted," Williams said. "I don't think any business, regardless of what it is, wants to go in debt, or should go into debt."

However, every campaign committee usually secures credit or takes out loans in the final weeks of a campaign cycle.

An NRCC aide told CQ Roll Call that the committee will not take out a loan larger than it did in 2012. In that cycle, the committee finished the campaign $12 million in the red.

The source further added the topic was discussed with House GOP leadership and in the committee's weekly meetings for its vice chairmen.

Williams, who was a key fundraiser for President George W. Bush, rejected the notion that he was already running a campaign for the position but acknowledged he'd do things differently at the NRCC.

He said he'd start from the position that Republicans reach for the stars on offense.

"I'm a half-full guy," he said. "My whole goal would be to start to get every single seat. ... I mean, that's the way I think."

He also brought up his record as a fundraiser -- "I don't think there's anybody who doesn't know my track record" -- and he noted that, unlike many other members, he actually enjoys fundraising.

While Williams has a long history as a political fundraiser, some worry how savvy he'd be as NRCC chairman. …

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