Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

McClellan Reader Sings the Chesterfield Blues

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

McClellan Reader Sings the Chesterfield Blues

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Just so I can enjoy this last gasp of chilly weather, let me take the day off and turn the column over to readers:

"Hello. I was surprised by your thought that wealthy people never have 'the blues' and Chesterfield is the wrong place to sponsor a blues concert. Just because you are poor doesn't mean you are a good person, as being wealthy doesn't mean you are evil. We are all human beings made by God. (I know you don't believe this, but most do in the U.S.)

"You are a Dem and hate the rich. If you stole all the $$ from all the rich and gave it to the poor, it wouldn't solve their problems. Trillions have been given to them already. They are still poor. I actually think it is cruel to aim hatred toward the wealthy, as they suffer, too. And they have given and given of their time and labor and $$."

Debby H.

Dear Debby: Put that to music and you've got the Chesterfield Blues.

"Mostly enjoyed your column today about spokespersons for Ameren. I did not enjoy that you probably knowingly participated in intentionally misrepresenting the facts related to the ash storage facility at Labadie. That is not good for your reputation. Why not make an effort to correct what you said and know to be false?" Tim E.

Dear Tim: It is too late for my reputation.

"I usually read your articles and find them entertaining. However, your insinuation today that Julie Catron cannot get a job without her father's help, not only at Ameren but also at Nestl Purina, was a low shot. I have worked with Julie and find her a bright, articulate and hardworking lady. Your column was an insult to her, and I think you owe her an apology." Dave S.

Dear Dave: I am afraid that when you get a big job at the publicly traded company for which your dad is CEO and chairman of the board, you have to expect petty people to write petty things. Petty people don't apologize.

"I don't believe it! Most readers couldn't care less about the broken sliding glass door in your shower. The space and ink could have been used for a better purpose. Does the Post-Dispatch really pay you to write this kind of junk?" Al Z.

Dear Al: Yes.

A column in which I wrote a commencement speech for Tony La Russa got this response:

"You're a weak, old, mean-spirited (blank). …

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