Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

The Food Is Great, but the Portions Are Small

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

The Food Is Great, but the Portions Are Small

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It was my birthday, and we wanted to go out somewhere nice. Somewhere special. Somewhere fancy.

OK, somewhere expensive.

We got the last possible reservation for the night at one of the best known, swankiest joints in town. The chef is famous, at least among the culinariscenti, and the restaurant is one of the places that, when you come to St. Louis, everyone says you have to try. So we tried it.

The bread was exceptional, and I generally have a rule that if I like the bread I am likely to enjoy the restaurant as a whole. The appetizer was superb. The entre I had the rabbit, which I adore was excellent. The dessert was divine.

And then

And then I went home, got out the cheese and crackers and had a nice snack. A nice, extended snack. We're not talking about a lovely slice of cheese balanced on a single, exquisite cracker. We are talking about mounds of cheese and handfuls of crackers stuffed into my mouth.

Yes, we had a fabulous meal. Yes, it cost a midsize fortune. But yes, it only left me about half full.

Incidentally, I was telling this story to a manager at a local restaurant. She mentioned that a similar thing had happened to her husband, that he had been to a fancy dinner at a local restaurant, that he had dropped $70 for the meal, and that when he got home he went straight to the kitchen and raided the refrigerator.

I didn't mention the name of the restaurant that I had been to, but she told me where her husband went. Same place.

You'd think that was just a one-time occurrence, or rather a one- restaurant occurrence. But not long ago, something similar happened when I went out for a date night with my wife.

We started with drinks at a place we had been to before. Spectacular drinks. And the snacks we had with them were outstanding. Everything was so delicious, we decided to stay for dinner.

I don't recall whether we had an appetizer or not; we'd already had snacks with our drinks. …

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