Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

A Handgun Is an Effective Tool to Curtail Domestic Violence

Newspaper article Sarasota Herald Tribune

A Handgun Is an Effective Tool to Curtail Domestic Violence

Article excerpt

I could smell the blood the second my partner kicked open the apartment door -- a kind of coppery smell. The room was awash in it.

We found the victim laying face down on the living room floor, clad only in a pair of panties. She was covered with dozens of knife wounds -- slashes not stabs -- which were barely oozing.

She was red from head to toe. She looked as though someone had picked her up and dipped her in a vat of blood.

She still clenched a phone, with which she had called 911 and quietly pleaded with the dispatcher for help.

She seemed to be fading quickly, so for the only time in my police career, I gave someone a "Dying Declaration."

"You know you're about to die: Who did this to you?" I asked.

Her husband had slashed her, she said. The piece of filth had been out on bond after beating their son with a ball bat.

He was arrested the next day -- unfortunately without incident. His case never went to trial. Unbelievably, the woman would recover and undergo a massive dose of plastic surgery to cover the dozens of wounds her husband had inflicted on her arms, neck, face and torso.

Her ordeal is one of a handful of calls that still plague my dreams from time to time.

When I think of domestic violence, I picture her laying there, so weak from blood loss she couldn't even lift her head.

Domestic violence has once again become newsworthy.

It should be.

About the only thing good to come out of the NFL's recent scandal is a refocusing of the country's attention on the horrors of domestic violence, which can be far more dreadful than a single blow in an elevator shaft.

My solution to DV has always been rather simple: Women should have the means to defend themselves, and the firearm is the most effective self-defense tool ever made. Pepper spray, ECDs, whistles and martial arts are all well and good, but none are as effective as a firearm. …

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