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Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal


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Stepping back

I would like to offer some thoughts concerning legislation that will affect not only state employees, but also the citizens of Kansas and our posterity. As a state employee, I must advise readers these thoughts do not represent my employer and represent only my opinions.

Has anyone stopped to ask why the private interests groups advocate so hard for a change in state employment laws? With recent changes to the tax code, private interest groups have achieved their goal to keep more wealth. However, legislators have failed to ask the question: who benefits?

Much consideration was given before pen went to paper concerning the following words. What is occurring today in Kansas is not the cronyism of the last century, although that should be self-evident. I am referencing the blatant mixing of private business telling politicians how to vote on legislation clearly not written by our legislators. This path has been walked before. Citizens do not gain anything from this path and politicians lose all credibility.

The path that is currently being taken is that of fascism: the merging of corporate and governmental interests.

According to newspaper reports, there are groups excluded from the proposed changes. They are the Kansas Highway Patrol, KBI or all the "traditional" law enforcement positions. This is the same list that Gov. Scott Walker had in Wisconsin. Has anyone asked why these groups are excluded from the proposed changes?

In fascist societies, when the government begins persecuting citizens, it exempts from its "lists" those very people who may have to protect them. The legislators know that if they anger the "protectors" those legislators may actually be in fear of their well being.

Kansas has truly stepped back into the 1930s and I am ashamed of our state, as we all should be. …

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