Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Glamour Shots for Your Newborn Can Cost Thousands

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Glamour Shots for Your Newborn Can Cost Thousands

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Add another item on the pregnancy checklist: Book the glamour shots for your newborn.

It only makes sense for a generation used to displaying their curated and polished life milestones.

You've seen this pictorial story on Facebook: First comes the newly engaged couple sitting in a tree. Then comes the art-directed wedding. Then comes the baby posed in a baby sling.

There may also be professional pregnancy photos and a gender reveal. But it's the Anne Geddes poster-worthy baby that's the money shot.

Newborn photographer Stephanie Cotta says she is one of the first to bring the idea of "newborn art" to St. Louis back in 2010, soon after the birth of her first child. She has perfected a series of 17 poses she only uses on babies between 4 and 14 days old.

"I've worked it down to a science," Cotta said. The photo may involve a bucket, a blanket or bean bag, but it's the wrinkly days- old baby who makes the shot.

Three-month-olds are too late.

"When they are that old, they're not as sleepy and not as curly," she said.

Too bad, so sad, punkin.

Moms-to-be start contacting Cotta in their second trimester because she books six to eight months out. Even if it's too late to get into her schedule, new moms and other aspiring photographers can take her "Newborn Mentoring Workshop," in which she shares the art of newborn posing. The goal is to "capture exactly how little they are in the first few weeks." About 40 percent of the clients taking her workshops are new moms with new cameras.

The camera is the new mirror. But unlike a reflection intended for personal use, this mirror is reflected to the world. It says something semi-permanent about you, and a baby has become an extension of that personal brand.

Her clients typically spend between $800 to $2,500 for newborn photos.

Cotta wants to create a piece of work that will evoke decades later the same emotions as when the baby was born. …

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