Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Letters to the Editor, July 2

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Letters to the Editor, July 2

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Pope asks us to take care of God's creation

In the letter "Pope's new call for 'revolution' sounds hauntingly familiar to Communist refrain" (June 23), Craig Niehaus put two unrelated things together in an attempt to paint a poor picture of the encyclical issued by Pope Francis, by comparing the violent Chinese Cultural Revolution to what the pope is asking for in his encyclical.

I've read the document and find no call for violence, but can see we need to make great changes to the way we fit into our environment. The one thing Mr. Niehaus did manage to get correct was his statement "Everything old is new again."

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus the Christ came and proclaimed forgiveness, compassion, love for fellow man and all God's creation. About 800 years ago, a young man gave up his claim to riches, rejecting wealth and consumption to walk in the steps of that same Jesus, preaching to all God's creation about doing penance and living in union with nature. This young man was to become St. Francis of Assisi. He along with St. Clare of Assisi did create a cultural revolution! No war, no guns, no persecution.

I think Pope Francis is asking each of us to take care of what God has provided for us. It's an old idea that is new again.

Steve Wulff * Richmond Heights

Our leaders could learn from those in other Midwestern cities

I read the local Law and Order section of the Post-Dispatch each day. Ours is clearly a violent region.

I used to live in Columbus, Ohio. I like Columbus. It has many diverse, interesting and safe neighborhoods. Recently I spent a week visiting there. While there I searched the news each day. I didn't see reported a single homicide, armed robbery, rolling gun battle, home invasion, or unidentified corpse found dead in a car or home. Not one.

Granted, this observation is both anecdotal and empirical, but also striking. I also like St. Louis, but I sometimes wish that my adopted home for the past 18 years could be a bit more like where I used to live. I recognize that the two regions are different, and that the causes of systemic lawlessness are complex, and that changing a culture of violence is a tall order.

Perhaps our law enforcement and political leaders here could visit and talk to their peers in a few Midwestern towns where things seem to work better. It couldn't hurt. Clearly the status quo here has a way to go. Or maybe I just need to stop reading the Law and Order section and stay home.

Robert Shaw * Frontenac

Christians deserve equal protection for their conscience

Despite the predictions of a catastrophic decline of society after the Supreme Court ruling to give gay couples the right to marry, I suspect the actual result will be that most Americans will notice nothing more than happier gay friends.

As a supporter of marriage equality, I applaud the justices' decision based on the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. …

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