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Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal


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Citizens provide safety

On a recent Saturday, I toured the Childrens' Discovery Center -- "where guests can learn and play in a fun and safe educational environment."

Then, a "no guns" sign reminded me those beautiful children are absolutely defenseless.

Crazies have free rein at Topeka gathering places and we can't afford to employ armed police in all of them. But we can lower risk substantially and legally.

Research shows mass shooters do not go where gun-carrying citizens do. Criminals verify it. In every state allowing guns, violent crime drops.

I asked a Discovery Center representative why the "no-guns" sign. Some parents claimed gun-carrying citizens scared the children so the board banned them. A logical decision on first take. I empathize with those parents. Guns do scare some people.

But perhaps unfamiliarity is the problem. My last gun earned my Army Sharpshooter's medal 54 years ago. While re-familiarizing recently, the first shot made me jump, but from then on I felt increasingly at ease.

Unfortunately, survival is now the word. Islamic terrorists shoot and behead victims. In the Near East, they sell women into sex slavery after slaughtering their children.

Those terrorists are here, in every state. FBI Director James Comey recently reported to Congress his men disrupted multiple attacks over July 4. However, more are coming and he cannot stop them all.

Wouldn't it be better if fearful parents learn to tolerate citizens carrying guns? In Israel, school children are accustomed to gun-carrying companions protecting them. Cannot a few American adults concede the same need?

I am offended that we would leave our children defenseless simply because some are afraid of guns. …

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