Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Sherpa: Against All Odds, Politician Speaks the Truth

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Sherpa: Against All Odds, Politician Speaks the Truth

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Let me get this on the record: I owe St. Louis Alderman Jeffrey Boyd at least one vote.

Seriously, unless he is running against one of my kids or something and I hope I did better than leading them down to the path to a political life Boyd gets a tally from me.

Why? Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, Rashad Farmer, Boyd's 23-year-old nephew, was fatally shot on Lotus Avenue in Boyd's own ward yet another victim in a year of victims in the St. Louis area.

But instead of the tired, tiresome calls for comprehensive government plans, Boyd delivered some bracing remarks.

Let's look at what Boyd said, just in case you missed it:

"This has to stop. It's absolute madness. Absolute madness. People say they need jobs. Well, dammit, go get a job. There are plenty of jobs out here.

"People say they need stuff to do. Well, we have recreation centers in the city of St. Louis. You can go up to the recreation center and play basketball. You can do whatever you want in the city of St. Louis. We have resources in our city.

"And I'm tired of people talking about they need something to do. There's plenty to do besides shoot and kill each other. It's sad and it's sickening."

"We march every time the police shoot and kill somebody. Whether they deserve it or not, I can't call it. But we're not marching when they're killing each other in the streets."

Please read those paragraphs again, for they are the first time you probably have heard a no-holds-barred, no-game-playing assessment of violent crime.

Certainly, I hope that when the vaunted "national conversation" takes place, someone will have the decency and courage to invite Boyd.

Also, consider that these words came from the uncle of the murdered man. We're always quick to run clips of relatives whose pain cries out for more government intervention, but we don't seem as quick to embrace someone who is saying, basically, that this is our own fault. …

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