Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Donald Trump Is a Force to Be Reckoned With

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Donald Trump Is a Force to Be Reckoned With

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The GOP had better rethink its notion of dumping Donald Trump from the 2016 presidential race. Mr. Trump has tapped into a new revised "silent majority." In my mind many people are fed up with overly "political correctness." Let me say here that Mr. Trump's words about some women are wrong, low class and very uncouth. But that is Mr. Trump, and there are many like him who don't speak so openly.

The debate on the Fox network was a setup to define Mr. Trump as a truly bigoted man and destroy his candidacy, knocking him out of the presidential race. It seems to have failed.

Mr. Trump, unapologetic with bombast unaltered, is still leading in many polls. People have made up their minds that they want to hear more from this man. It is time to start asking Mr. Trump serious questions, as opposed to loaded questions, about serious subjects and see what his ideas and plans are should he become president. If this were to happen the public will not get a stale, canned answer as most other candidates answer. Mr. Trump will speak his mind and that is very refreshing and what the public wants to hear.


Squirrel Hill

Trump's true goals

Donald Trump has outpolled his adversaries for the GOP nomination.

In the first "debate," he defied the GOP on allegiance, then overshadowed the other contestants with bizarre mannerisms and epithets. Neither of these indicates a serious run for a nomination. Could it be that this is not his goal?

Mr. Trump is neither a politician nor a statesman. He is an investor in fortune and fame and an opportunist. His rewards are profit and promotion. His ability is endless.

Suppose Mr. Trump wishes to achieve the epitome of his career, even above riches.

That goal would have to be no less than buying fame in a paragraph in the annals of American history. His strategy? Gaining an opportunity to outclass a floundering, nationally focused organism, the GOP. Tactic? Bringing attention to himself by caricaturing contenders and, by extension, audiences, all at once, on an internationally televised "debate."

Imagine that by defying and caricaturing, Mr. Trump was really conveying that he will continue to seek unique attention no matter how or how long it may take to achieve his historical paragraph. …

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