Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

Vent Line

Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

Vent Line

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As far as I'm concerned you have ruined the newspaper. Page three of the Daily Mail with the strange little stories on the left hand column and then the good stories in the middle of the page was the best page of both newspapers and it is no longer there. So I will probably stop my subscription. And I have been a faithful and loyal subscriber for years. Of course the user fee is going up. Charleston will never veto it. It is still taxation without representation. Those of us who do not live in the city have to pay this fee to walk the sidewalk. That is why I never ever come to shop in Charleston. If we all stop shopping there it will make an impact.

I love the new Gazette-Mail, but please tell me you all are going to put Charley West back on the front page. We all miss him.

Now that the two newspapers have combined and you are going to eliminate a bunch of jobs and services due to consolidation, will there be a price reduction in the cost of home delivery? It is way overpriced now.

I have decided that the two sexiest men's voices in America are Sam Elliott, the actor, and Phil Washington who does the lottery at 6:58 p.m. before Wheel of Fortune. I really enjoy the lottery coming on every evening.

I'm a Democrat and despise Donald Trump, but he is absolutely right about John McCain.

Now that your papers have combined, is it possible to get the Ohio and Kentucky lottery numbers like the Daily Mail used to do?

In the small city of Charleston there are hundreds of homeless people sleeping in the streets at night. If you would like to do a favor for us at the Covenant House please send us backpacks. We will make sure the right people get them. Thank you.

Rowan County, Kentucky, Magistrate Kim Davis is are doing God's earthly work as a soldier. You go girl.

Because President Obama is a coward, he is suggesting our states have military troops not wear their uniforms in public. …

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