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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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That country music show that was on the other night was absolutely awful. It was all rap music and not one of them did a country song. I'm so tired of making calls to obtain a professional service and get an immediate "can you hold please? from someone. In most cases I hang up and call someone else. And they just lost a customer.

Does the city of Charleston understand the purpose of recycling? Plastic bags add to the problem. Why not issue covers for bins to keep the recyclables dry and truly recycle instead of contributing the addition of plastic to our environment? Use the user fee to buy bins with lids or to provide them to people with bins. Too much waste.

People are saying that they don't want to vote for another African-American for president because of Barack Obama and the job that he has done since he's been in office. You cannot judge Dr. Ben Carson on the job Obama has done. Dr. Carson is a very outgoing, mellow and smart man who would make a great president.

To the person who called in and said that the people who voted for Obama should pay their electric bills: The people who voted for Bush should pay all the military bills and all of the VA bills. That sounds like a fair trade. We didn't want to go war with anybody, but you did.

After watching the debate, I have come to the conclusion that Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace were biased against all other candidates except for Jeb Bush. They called on him more often than not. This was a slap in the face to the other candidates, and I will not watch their shows on Fox News again.

I am sick of hearing about race. It's worse now than ever.

The real problem with climate change is that there are too many people on planet Earth. Let's have a little population control and that will clean up some of the mess of people needing to use up too much energy and too much of our resources.

Don't you guys realize that if Trump really wanted to win he would not be misbehaving? He's giving Hillary the election on a gold platter. …

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