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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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On our precious Earth will we run out of minerals or run out of trees first? At least we can keep on replanting trees. I want to comment on Judge James Mazzone's courtroom list of things that people can't wear to court. I totally agree with him. People go to the grocery store and they look like they just got out of bed and with short shorts and low cut pants you see more than you want to see. Thank you, Judge.

AEP is raising the electricity rates and then when poor people who have low or no income can't pay the huge amount, they turn the electric off. People are suffering because they don't have that much money.

Just wondering why Riverside cheerleaders can be suspended and still be on the squad but when this happens at other schools they are suspended and kicked off the team.

To all of you people who are praising Trump for sending illegal aliens back - most of those people came over here and worked hard for their dollar and had kids here. Why don't you talk about the thousands of Cubans who came in illegally through Florida who got to stay?

I thought something was going to be done about the traffic problems in Cross Lanes or was that just another pack of lies told by the politicians as it has been for the last 25 years?

How rude that you would go to a restaurant and not tip. Someone is making your food to order and you don't tip.

While oil prices are so very low and the gasoline prices are still at the same level where are all the profits going? We need to know this, America.

Do you think there's any chance that the DOH could get out and clean up the interstate? Our roads look horrible because there's trash and weeds everywhere.

To the people on Campbell's Creek - the now-closed car wash is not a dump site. Please quit leaving your trash there.

It's extremely poor planning by the city to block up Louden Heights Road and Bridge Road at the same time.

There's no sense in showing the weather over and over on channels seven and eight. One time is enough.

Fox News is doing everything it can to knock Hillary Clinton out of the presidential race. They just have program after program about her emails, especially Megyn Kelly. …

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