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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

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Drug addicts are responsible for their own condition


The Gazette of July 4 had a story stating that a group of people is trying to combat both the stigma of drug addiction and drug addiction itself. Come again?

Surely social stigma reinforces a potential user's resistance to the blandishments of pushers, no? In the example of an addict who apparently had severe mental health issues, we may, of course, feel that in this case there were strong mitigating circumstances, but that is not the same as denying moral stigma.

And, no doubt, most addicts cannot lay claim to severe mental health issues. In general, people who become addicted must take some responsibility for their condition. If we de-stigmatize addiction, we invite more of it.

John Palmer


A big 'Thank you,' to the YWCA


To the team at the YWCA Resource Center, thank you for allowing me the privilege of attending this great institution for the kind of learning and help we desperately needed for gainful employment, housing, insurance, etc.

To the people reading this, a public thank you:

1. Charity abounds there.

2. The staff bring themselves down to your level.

3. They respect you and your level.

4. Huge hearts of mercy.

5. They are professionals who take their job very seriously.

6. Their job, in and of itself, is a charitable act.

7. The atmosphere is, "We will do everything we can to see you achieve.

8. We sign in with a pen they use at the jails - good choices, good consequences; bad choices, bad consequences.

9. Gentle, quiet, friendly workers return a gentle nature.

10. We learned on every level (dress, rules, manner, counseling, job skills, health, money) so we may contribute to society.

In closing, thank God for this process. Thank God for those who helped put together this awesome network available for all. Consideration made all this possible. …

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