Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Europe's Experience Shows Gun Control Works

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Europe's Experience Shows Gun Control Works

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I would like to respond to Alan Schultz's letter ("Essential Self- Defense," Aug. 25). I find it interesting that he cites the recent episode where three unarmed civilians in a country with gun control were able to somehow take down an armed terrorist. These brave men saved lives without brandishing a weapon.

He goes on to state that he finds it "puzzling given the more than occasional evidence that neither the theory nor the practice of gun control has anywhere shown itself to be successful." Really? Let me help him out.

In Europe, where gun control is the law of the land, the murder rate from firearms is one-fifth that of the United States. Is that not success? He goes on to state the tired excuse that without firearms "the law-abiding ... will be at the mercy of the criminal few. Fact: two-thirds of people killed with guns die at the hands of someone they know, not some unknown criminal.

Any sensible person would agree an 80 percent reduction in gun deaths would be a huge success ... with the possible exception of Mr Schultz.



Tribute to journalists


That's the way we used to end newspaper stories. Type -30- at the bottom. Everyone knows to look for no more.

So "-30-" to Alison Parker and Adam Ward, good and faithful young servants to news, their last work for Roanoke TV, ironically doing a softball piece at a water park with a Chamber of Commerce representative pushing tourism, early in the morning ("TV Viewers Witness Tragedy," Aug. 27).

Did they even have an inkling it would be their last news piece, that their intendeds would be without significant others before noon? Ages 24 and 27, two score years younger than I, could they have guessed they would have no more days? When they were hit by the flying lead, did their whole lives flash before their minds' eyes?

The final victory: Adam, as he, pierced by bullets, his life ebbing away, fell to the ground, shot the video of not only his killer's face but also that of that slayer pointing his murder weapon. A newsman till the last, a Pulitzer pic, an ode to "Woodstein," a nod to Murrow. Get the whole story ... until you can't.

If these two were cops killed on the job, there would be cops in Spokane and Dubuque, in Boston and San Francisco, planning their trips to the funerals in Virginia. …

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