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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Someone asked why we can't have a train from Charleston to Huntington. The Amtrak Cardinal runs from Charleston to Huntington every evening from 8:34 to 9:49, and it only costs $13. And you can ride back the next morning from 7:16 to 8:21 if you like. It's a pleasant way to travel. The person that doesn't think a neurosurgeon would make a good president probably thinks a community organizer made a great one.

"No one who is a member of the union should be entitled to a pension? That's either woeful ignorance or petty conservatism, and in either case, it's absurd. Who do you think negotiated pensions in the first place? You have a pension - and insurance benefits, a 40- hour week, overtime pay, vacation, sick leave, etc. - because of the union, whether you like it or not. And you didn't even have to be a member or work in a mine. You're welcome.

No war on coal? Now that the Democrats have destroyed the industry in the name of climate change. Rich Democrats like George Soros are buying up coal stock for pennies on the dollar. Not hard to imagine it's all some sort of scam to further their socialist agenda.

This country owes a big thank you to Donald Trump for bringing the criminal activities and issues of illegal aliens to America's attention.

I have a medical concern. One cannot walk into CAMC General or Prestera without walking though a wall of smoke or climbing over a mountain of cigarette butts.

Having daughters who just completed summer jobs at a couple area fast-food restaurants and hearing about the plight of those who work these jobs as careers has convinced me that, indeed, minimum wage should be increased. But in exchange taxes should be lowered and government subsidies stopped completely for those who are able- bodied as an incentive to actually show up for work, stay on the job, and live responsibly.

Regarding the proposed increase in the 911 fee in Kanawha County, a very large percentage of people never call 911 and should not be forced to subsidize county waste in the 911 system. Also I find it hypocritical to raise that fee after deciding to intervene in the water company's request for an increase. …

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