Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

Vent Line

Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

Vent Line

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State commerce secretary said land, infrastructure, education and the workforce are the biggest drawbacks for West Virginia. Not taxes. So what do the Daily Mail editors conclude should be done: Lower taxes? So stuck in old Republican dogma they won't even listen to facts. What happened in Kansas? Do they know Einstein's definition of insanity? Why are some doctors not able to show compassion? Is it because they see so many patients in a day we've just become another one to see? If you cannot stop our pain, at least act like you care.

I could never guess our present president could wield so much power. He has governed by fiat. I hope the next president will undo everything he has done the very same way.

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman.

The EPA passes more regulations than Congress passes laws. Don't tell me we don't have to get them under control. They will do to the whole country what they've done here in West Virginia. They are tied at the hip to the Democratic Party.

When you have more money than you have sense and no conscience whatsoever, you can buy Sandy Brae for a cattle ranch. You have lost the respect of hundreds in the community because the Geary family left it for public recreation use only. It was in the deed.

You know the half-page advertisements in the paper? I wad it up and throw it away - it is a nuisance.

Within the last six months, a hubcap was twice stolen from my Buick Century. I have lived in the same house in Charleston for 46 years. This has never happened to me before. What should I do? What would you do?

No one is born the wrong gender. God doesn't make mistakes.

The new commissioner of the DOH is the worst we've ever had.

Sure oil prices are low, but they will gouge us on the holidays.

Come on Danny. Please do something about the awful, terrible lights in Charleston. We pay our taxes. …

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