Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Picture of the Day

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Picture of the Day

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THIS beautiful landscape picture of Belmont was taken by Keith Rylance from Bolton.

If you've been out and about with your camera across the region and have a picture you are particularly proud of, then we'd love to see it.

Send your pictures to us at, marking them Picture of the Day in the subject field and we'll print the best ones on this page.

Happy snapping!

modernise when the trade's hands are somewhat tied in this regard.

We have app-based companies in the black cab market such as Hailo, Cab App and Get Taxi but the city council regulate the types of vehicles we can drive and the rate of fare to be applied.

If you restrict a Hackney vehicle to a wheelchair accessibility and a swivel seat requirement (I've never used it) then you prohibit the ability to be able to compete.

So the new age of taxi provision is increasingly going to be battled out via the internet, from companies based all over the globe who tend not to pay taxes into our coffers.

The inevitable conclusion of this growth of internet-based non- local taxi offer is a very much streamlined black cab fleet, if any at all, and the death of numerous bona fide private hire companies who cannot compete because of disproportionate costs and significantly lower economies of scale.

The choice is yours Manchester... keep your taxi/private hire provision local or give yourselves up to these global game changers. And don't forget Uber's surge pricing strategy... it can be very painful!

Karl Warburton, Airport Taxi Association Staff should .

set example I AGREE with Simon Stevens - the NHS boss - about trying to get the health service staff fitter and I disagree with Vivian Hall's letter (NHS staff need a break - not more exercise, Viewpoints, September 9).

I have no doubt that many NHS staff work very hard and are dedicated to their jobs. I also have no doubt that many other people work hard as well.

Obesity is a major problem, especially in our Salvation .

down to us MASS migrations have occurred throughout the history of mankind.

Before separate countries with borders were created humans lived nomadic lives mostly free of conflict.

It was not until we learnt to make weapons from various metals that own region, and it causes so much suffering in preventative illnesses. …

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