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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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It looks like whoever deflated the footballs had lost confidence in Tom Brady being an effective quarterback. Why else would you want to level the playing field? We have personal injury lawyers and divorce lawyers. I predict that soon we will have gay divorce lawyers to decide who will collect alimony, who will pay alimony and who gets custody of the pets. I predict that it will all be very interesting.

Christians are starting to be persecuted and I admire and respect the clerk in Kentucky very much. All Christians need to speak up.

The road coming from Montgomery up toward Smithers as you come off the ramp is in terrible condition. They patched it but the road is still a disgrace. I wish something could be done to have that road paved.

Somebody said that the city of Charleston wants people to combine all of their recyclables in a plastic bag to encourage more people to recycle. That's going to discourage people like me who have been recycling since the beginning of the program and keep recyclables separate.

I wish somebody on Campbells Creek would make the owner of Midway School clean up around that place. That's the most historic place in Campbells Creek and there's nothing but trash around it.

I would like to know why the Ravenswood police don't make a presence on Gibb Street in Ravenswood to slow down the speeders. There are many pedestrians, children and cross-country runners. A speed limit sign would help at the very least.

Kim Davis, it is none of your business who applies for a marriage license.

It's a shame and an outrage when people can't leave porch furniture out without it being stolen in a nice place like LeRoy, West Virginia.

In response to the question if there is anyone who hauls away the 12 foot diameter satellites - if you take it to the clean-up spot when your county has its annual clean-up they will accept it and dispose of it for you.

I would like to say that I also wad up and throw away that half- page advertisement in the paper. …

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