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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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I realize that some women may think they are more comfortable in a pair of pants 24/7 but there are occasions to not wear pantsuits or pants. One of these occasions is when you're secretary of state and meeting dignitaries. Can Hillary not see this? Donald Trump for president? Are you people crazy? He has no business running for president.

How can gas cost $2.18 per gallon in Teays Valley when it's $2.49 per gallon in St. Albans? This just seems ridiculous.

Don't the people in Kentucky ever work?

Being on opposite sides of an issue does not make people enemies. When you have different viewpoints coming to the table, people can work things out for everyone's satisfaction.

Excuse me? Donald Trump is not the run of the mill politician? He's just like the rest of them except he's worse. He promises outlandish things and people are so gullible.

The law of the land says that Kim Davis should issue licenses for everyone. I would take her job at $80,000 per year.

Magistrate court protects from abusers. Family court allows abusers to continue with family court's resources and their help. Shouldn't they work together?

You paid for turn signals when you bought your car so you might as well use them.

We need a new law passed that will protect the citizens of Charleston from the city police.

In response to the vent about CAMC and closing a floor - just so the public is aware, nurses are belittled and berated when we ask to close beds for patient safety.

Sarah Palin speaking about the Iran nuclear deal would make as much sense as me speaking about astrophysics. She needs to team up with the trumpet so they can toot each other's horns since neither one has a lick of sense.

Donald Trump is little more than the death rattle of the shrinking white Anglo-Saxon male population. His popularity is reflective of the latent racist and sexist tendencies of his demographic group that have persisted for all these years. I am part of that group, but recognize that assimilation is the only way that this country will maintain its current form of government.

Tom Brady is nothing but a cheater who whined about it when he got caught. …

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