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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail

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Dont support the Iran nuclear deal

Iran will not honor any dealand on top of that, they will gain access to billions of dollars to reinvest in international radical Islamic terrorism. This deal is NOT the only option and I think it is ill conceived to believe and support this deal as the only option for peace.

Only option? No, we have plenty of peaceful options and one is to have no deal and lift our ridiculous self imposed 40 year old ban on crude oil exports and compete with Iran in international oil sales to our allies.

This action alone will take nearly $250 billion a year from those terrorist supporting coffers and, like the Berlin Wall, we can tear down international terrorism and nuclear ambitions by taking the money from the supporters and watching them falter by kicking the legs out from under these misguided and deadly ventures most certainly dependent on funding.

If you truly support peace and freedom then do so by supporting the only true peaceful option which is no deal with Iran and put your support behind competitive international sales of Made in America Energy that will break the piggy banks of the financial supporters of radical Islamic terrorism and nuclear weapon seeking dictators.

This deal some support simply kicks the can down the road and puts enough money in Iranian banks to create attacks the size of 9/ 11 on a weekly basis for the next 10 years and in the end they will get a nuclear weapon anyway after the so-called only option for peace deal expires. What a great gift to leave our future generations, a terrorist backing and nuclear weapons possessing Iran.

Truly, I can not believe anyone would publicly support this deal saying its our only option besides war when we sit on enough oil, gas and coal in America to not only improve our economy, but also break the international dependency on radical and unfriendly nations who bankroll terrorism and nuclear ambitions with the profits they get from energy sales.

We took down the Berlin Wall and didnt fire a shot, we can do the same thing now with radical Islamic terrorism if we just do it. Its time to clearly show the masses how terrible this deal really is and just how much we are losing by agreeing to it. …

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