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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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The conservative who said liberals want Iran to have the bomb but want to take away Americans' guns is a prime example of black and white thinking in gray areas. Just because you think that if we don't want A, we have to want B, is often incorrect. We see other avenues of keeping Iran from having the bomb, and we see other ways of curbing gun violence and mass murders. Why doesn't the WVDOH take better care of Route 4 in Kanawha County? Fallen trees hang over the highway, the weeds are out into the roadway and the road is very rough with old patches and uneven pavement. The local residents deserve better. Nothing is done to fix anything unless you call and complain and most of time the complaints are ignored.

Did Ms. Davis place her left hand on the Bible and hold her right hand aloft and swear to uphold the law of the land "so help me God?" It's a tough decision in today's world when Barack's laws contradict God's laws. She chose wisely. Jail is temporary; forever is a long time.

Why in the world is WVU playing football against Jerry Falwell's Liberty football team?

I recently heard a person call themselves a Christian Democrat. I had to ask them how that could be. I asked them if the supported gay marriage and abortion and they said no. But I hated to tell them that if you are a Democrat then you support those policies. If you support those policies you simply can't be a true Christian.

If Donald Trump were a student in any school in America, and made the comments about others that he makes, he would be expelled for being a bully.

I understand that roads need maintenance, but the closing of the most highly traveled on ramp from Route 119 to downtown as well as the access from Route 119 to I-64, 77, and 79 is pure stupidity. The only things that are stupider are those wasteful contraflow lanes that are used by very few travelers. …

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