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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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I've always been in favor of term limits for all public officials, no matter which office whether it be city, state or national.

The Pope won't get you anywhere. Why didn't he urge the world leaders to turn back to God?

To all those complaining about roads -- you should come to Greenbrier County. Our roads are in just wonderful shape.

I'm so sick of all the hullabaloo about the Pope. People act like he's a god but he's just another man.

Do the people of Nitro understand what a three-way stop is? When you're entering Lock Street from 1st Avenue and you come to the stop sign, you stop. Where are the police? This is a dangerous area.

I think that gerbils might have as much cerebral function as the average liberal.

I think instead of the health department worrying about a few bedbugs in a school that they should be worrying about these stink bugs that people have to put up with around their houses. They are nasty.

I think everyone in Hurricane needs to take a stand and support the boys at the high school who aren't bothering anyone.

I was saddened to hear about the man killed while riding his bicycle coming home from work on Corridor G and going all the way to Nitro. He was obviously a good person trying to help out his family.

To the people who say we don't need guns -- police carry guns to protect themselves when confronting criminals. Why shouldn't I have the same right if criminals break in my home or confront me on the street?

I'm tired of government agencies and directors acting like they are responsible to no one, not even judges. I think it's time to start firing heads of government agencies and kicking them to the curb.

Neither President Obama nor the Pope are cramming anything about climate change down anyone's throat. They are just speaking about it. Any thinking human being would know that billions of pounds of pollution that we've been putting on the earth for over 100 years would have to affect something. …

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