Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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I think this side of Charleston has been shut out of Coonskin Park and no one cares enough to do something about it. There should be a small entrance for us around Capital High or Meadowbrook that would bypass the National Guard. Can anyone help? Somehow I made it through all the stoplights on 3rd Street in Saint Albans without stopping - got to work early and had time for a short nap.

I do not see much wisdom in a class action lawsuit against the water company. We sue them, get a few dollars and then pay higher water bills. Leave them alone: they have enough problems already.

Come on, Hillary. You can do it. This is your time. We women will stand beside you and behind you.

The West Virginia Lottery should pay more than six dollars when you get three numbers out of six on the Hot Lotto.

Since Fox 11 is broadcasting their Sunday NFL games in a foreign language, I won't be watching. This is the USA.

This is for all the drivers in Teays Valley - please remember that a brake light is not an indication to turn left or right. If you are going to turn left or right, please use your turn signals.

Why is Don Blankenship on trial for three felony counts when he should be on trial for 29 murder counts?

Liberals just show their lack of education every time they make a comment. The person saying the Constitution allows the ownership of another human needs to go back to school and study the word "amendment."

If you've got the flu or pneumonia or whatever else is going around, I wish you'd be good enough to stay home and quit infecting all of your friends.

Thank you so much to two city of St. Albans policemen for coming to the aid of the elderly woman at the Dollar Store today. Thank you for your service.

It is now legal for two men, two women and two whatever to be legally married, and now Playboy is removing nude women from their magazine. …

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