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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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For any student-athlete playing one sport can be a challenge, but playing two sports at the same time can be downright difficult. This fall for the Hurricane Middle School cross country and soccer teams, Danielle (Dani) Ray did exactly that and excelled at both sports.

I was a teammate of Dani's on the cross country team and found just competing in one sport, which meant training five days a week, then making sure my school work was complete, was challenging enough, but two training sessions a day, wow.

I caught up with Dani during one of her soccer practices and wanted to know how tough it was for her doing both sports.

"It takes a lot of my time, practicing for both sports, running back and forth from sport to sport every afternoon. It takes some concentration, because you have to try your best in both sports. If you don't try hard in one or the other, you won't do well in either. You have to do both really hard.

Dani was a captain on both the cross country and soccer squads.

You hear a lot about student-athletes these days having to put in the effort for work and play. Dani talked to me on being a student- athlete: "You have to really study hard for your tests, because when you are going from sport to sport, it can be a little overwhelming, so I really have to be focused on my studying to keep my grades up. It is just a matter of just getting everything done and go onto the next thing.

Besides being a team leader, Dani gets straight "A's in her classes.

Listening to me interview Dani off to the side was her mother, Cathy. I had to find out from Dani's mother just how proud she is of her eighth-grade daughter. "I am very proud of Dani; she works hard and she's a great girl. She's a good friend to all the other athletes; she cheers everyone on. To me, she's an amazing girl, because she goes out there and she tries so hard. …

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