Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Wayne board must listen to voters

I have followed with great interest the question of all-day kindergarten in Wayne. Now that the public has defeated the ballot initiative, it would seem appropriate that the Board of Education not do anything to resurrect it.

I believe that the board will attempt to include it in the next budget and somehow make it fit within the mandated state caps.

Our country was designed around the will of the people. Having a ballot referendum on an important issue is a farce if the board can throw out the results and impose its will in place of the will of the people.

The board has some serious issues, as referenced in a recent legal settlement with an employee. The board has not, as I can determine, denied the accusation of wasteful spending.

Obviously, something is clearly amiss. Recently, a summary of the 100 best high schools in the state was published. Wayne Valley appeared as number 95, whereas Wayne Hills did not appear on the list.

It is time for the Board of Education and the school administration to get their act together and perform the work for which members were elected and hired, respectively.

Toby A. Weiner

Wayne, Dec. 4

No shame in being afraid

President Obama recently asked if Republicans were afraid of women and children in regard to the Syrians seeking refuge in the United States.

I think as the mass shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., proved, the answer is yes, we are terrified of women and children, some of whom might come here and have thoughts like Tashfeen Malik apparently did.

When terrorists can strap bombs on their bodies and willingly blow up themselves and their targets, how do you fight these zealots?

There are many thousands of Muslims living and working in the United States. Some have immigrated, have built businesses here and are upright citizens in a sea of many nationalities, creeds and religions, all of which are melded into America.

The problem with the new wave of refugees is: How do we know if just one slips in with evil intentions? In these times of uncertainty, whom can we trust? On American soil alone, we have had the horror of 9/11 and many other mass shootings. …

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