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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Of course Republicans are against Common Core. They know that well-educated, critical-thinking citizens won't fall for their "bull." I have a family member who was convicted of a drug conspiracy charge - a felony. Don Blankenship was convicted of conspiracy to violate federal mine and safety laws resulting in the deaths of 29 people a misdemeanor. What is wrong with this picture?

The Gazette editorial cartoon in the Monday, Dec. 7, edition is really funny. Terrorist will have guns. We are not going to stop them. In the protest against the police in Chicago the liberals want to take power and weapons from the police. Who is going to protect us? Signs that say "No guns allowed?

A Monday Gazette cartoon detects an armored policeman as a well- regulated militia. Further in the paper there is an article of a deputy being on trial for a "no-knock raid that injured a child. What image should we believe? Police are not well-regulated.

It is interesting how Sen. Manchin now sounds like an Obama "mini me. All the time he says he supports coal, West Virginians and freedom. Now he sounds like Obama.

I want the Charleston Gazette-Mail to know I don't know how long I can pay for the left side of this paper. What they have to say is against everything I believe in and I am not alone in this thinking.

There are way too many bowl games. You can be the biggest loser and still be in a bowl. WVU doesn't deserve to go to a bowl. They don't have a winning record.

The Don Blankenship trial was a political lynching of a man who has done a lot for West Virginia.

It is comforting to think we don't really die, but go to Heaven and see our loved ones again. It is comforting to think a supreme power has control in our chaotic world. Maybe our young people don't need to go to church because they don't need these imaginary comforts to be happy and moral people.

Maybe there a significant number of people in Shelley Moore Capito's constituency who don't like the terms of Obamacare. …

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