Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Gas Drillers Pay Their Fair Share with Impact Fee

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Gas Drillers Pay Their Fair Share with Impact Fee

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I read several letters lately statewide where readers claim the energy industry isn't "paying its fair share" here in Pennsylvania as they call for a new severance tax. Nothing could be further from the truth if they would take the time to do a simple Web search. Pennsylvania has had an impact fee (essentially a tax) in place since 2012, and during that time has raised nearly $1 billion for the regions impacted by activity the most. These funds stay local, where they should stay, and help those areas most impacted by drilling and energy-related activity directly.

The impact fee has helped regions balance budgets, build new roads and bridges, add or upgrade parks, buy police cars and fire engines and much more. And these funds do get to areas not directly affected by drilling as well.

If these funds went to Harrisburg, I highly doubt these affected areas would see the benefit anymore. Is the industry paying its fair share? Are we really the only state not collecting funds from drilling activity? Do the research for yourself and see firsthand.



The writer works in the energy industry.

U.S.'s unclean hands

As a Christian who is the least worthy to "cast the first stone," I ask those of you who have been casting large boulders at the entire Muslim religion: Was it not we Christians who attacked and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Muslims who had nothing to do with events on 9/11? Did we not sacrifice thousands of my fellow servicemen in a war against innocent Iraqi Muslims? Many cheered "shock and awe" and we have yet to bring to justice our Christian leaders who deceived us into such an atrocity.

We must cease painting an entire Muslim religion as unworthy due to the actions of some violent, radical members of that faith. I, for one, will not even cast a pebble at any group of people for the actions of a few. Our hands are not clean!

I hope our Christian(?) hearts are much cleaner than our hands and mouths. Merry Christmas.


New Castle

Qualify gun owners

My solution to gun violence is simplistic. …

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