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Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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If our attorney general and state Legislature are so gun happy that they want everyone to be able to carry a gun why not let them carry into the Capitol building and the attorney's office? Funny thing is I am a gun guy and even I know concealed carry without an permit is crazy. I'm sorry for the closed mind who says "you need to be 80 to have an opinion, and "you young don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you'll be wiser someday, as at 83, I make a point of listening to the wisdom and fresh ideas of the young, and explore with them how my years of experience might help us both achieve a mutual understanding about the rapidly changing world we share.

I find that since the newspapers have joined together what a negative attitude Mitch Vingle has toward West Virginia and sports. When WVU loses a few games to nationally ranked teams he is ready to fire the coach (planting the seed of doubt). If the basketball team falls on hard times he'll be after their coach. While things are quiet at WVU he has to go after Hurricane High (plant another seed). He is starting problems where there are none. "GO HERD" - now he has another target!

As a Christian - and oh by the way, a Democrat - I would gladly sponsor or host refugees, following proper screening, until they got on their feet in this country. Put yourself in their shoes. If we elect Trump, we will eventually be in their shoes.

Democrats blaming recently elected GOP for problems decades in the making. Perfect example of our pitiful local news media. People have no idea what's going on and are unable to use common sense to see the truth. It's one thing to have one player miss a bowl game because of grades. Several, there's a problem. The coaching staff at WVU is clueless and Holgorsen is the one in charge. He needs to go.

Liberals don't pass political science and history classes. They just rewrite the books to fit whatever hairbrained agenda they have that year.

Jesus said "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. …

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