Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


Newspaper article Charleston Gazette Mail


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Charleston already has the most restrictive gun laws in West Virginia. Do you think the out-of-state drug dealing gangs care about not violating yet another law? Stop vilifying illegal gun owners and blame those doing illegal acts for their criminal behavior. As a gun owner I agree 100 percent with the president's executive order. I think Evan Jenkins is a big embarrassment to the state of West Virginia. How he got elected, I don't know. It wasn't me.

Stop criticizing the union workers who are holding this state up.

Democrats are always pointing out how certain politicians "switched" from Democrat to Republican. Funny they never complained about Rockefeller breaking into politics by switching from Republican to Democrat to get the West Virginia vote.

I am 83-year-old patriot of this nation. President Obama is not trying to take away your guns. I hunt and have guns. If you are an honest, upstanding citizen, you will not have any problems. It is just for the illegal, immoral and the crazy people. Support our president on this situation.

Obamacare. A friend goes to the doctor and waits for three hours to be seen. When she asked about the time they said she had to wait until everyone else was taken care of. Obamacare is second class.

For the headline writers and copy editors: The word is preventive, not preventative. Unless of course there is something you are trying to "preventate." [Editor's note: "preventative" is another term for preventive.]

The reason people on welfare may only work 20 hours per week instead of 40 is because places around here only want to pay you part time. They don't want to pay your health insurance.

I wish somebody would stop Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from nitpicking like children. They should be telling us what they are going to do for the United States of America, not what they think of each other. Who cares?

Everyone seems to be missing the point in talking about jobs in West Virginia - workers who won't work, not enough jobs, jobs being out there. …

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