Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

Updating His '70S Bathroom Right into the ... '90S

Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

Updating His '70S Bathroom Right into the ... '90S

Article excerpt

I just finished painting my recently renovated, totally tricked- out and splendiferously updated bathroom.

Well, sort of.

Actually, I just finished painting the walls. Now, all I have to do is paint the ceiling. And the trim. And, possibly, the cabinets.

I have a nice white vanity cabinet with nickel knobs on the doors.

Or, more precisely, BRUSHED nickel knobs on the doors.

I also have a brushed nickel faucet. And -- woo-hoo! -- a brushed nickel light fixture.

If you know anyone who brushes nickel for a living, please tell them for me what a wonderful job they're doing.

Nickel, as you may know, is a transition metal that is ductile, which means it can lose its shape under stress, just like your Aunt Rose around the holidays. It is then polished with a grit belt or wheel to give it an appealing dullness.

Clearly, my bathroom, which hadn't been updated since 1972, needed to greet the new millennium. I wanted new fixtures, a heat lamp, a full shower stall and a larger, oval toilet. I wanted modern. (Or, at least, modern-ish.)

I painted the walls in a shade called Tony Taupe, because it looked neutral -- and sounded Italian -- and because I thought it would look nice with my off-white shower tiles and my espresso- colored ceramic floor, which looked neutral and sounded Italian.

My brushed nickel light fixture takes three bulbs. Once it was installed, though, I made the mistake of putting three 100-watt bulbs in it -- which were so bright they lit up my next-door neighbor's bathroom, too.

The only thing I haven't gotten yet is a new medicine cabinet, which I'm not even sure I want.

I mean, I do have a vanity cabinet. And I do have another large cabinet that I'm going to screw into the wall over my toilet.

They didn't make these over-the-toilet cabinets when I was a kid, because in those days people didn't have so much junk in their bathrooms.

Today, however, these cabinets are very popular. And I like them because they have shelves and hold a lot of stuff, and every so often, when you're in a hurry, you grab something out of the them and it falls in the toilet bowl and you have a funny story to tell at work.

"Guess where I dropped my mouthwash this morning? …

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