Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

Completed Live Q&A: C-J Statehouse Reporter Tim Carpenter Answering Kansas Legislature Questions Friday

Newspaper article The Topeka Capital-Journal

Completed Live Q&A: C-J Statehouse Reporter Tim Carpenter Answering Kansas Legislature Questions Friday

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The Topeka Capital-Journal held a live question-and-answer session with C-J Statehouse reporters Tim Carpenter and Jonathan Shorman on Friday morning.

An array of issues were brought up as it relates to the Kansas Legislature and issues Kansans want to know about.

Items discussed include the abortion ruling from Friday, the recent marijuana bill, the dress code imposed by the chairman of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, the food sales tax and more.

Here are some of online readers' questions and answers from the discussion. Go to to see the completed live blog.

Q: What are the details on the abortion ruling this morning?

Shorman: Earlier this morning, the Kansas Court of Appeals issued its ruling on the challenge to the ban on dismemberment abortion enacted last year. The ruling was a 7-7 split, so an injunction on the ban that was in place was upheld. The divided court virtually ensures the Kansas Supreme Court will take up the issue at some point.

Q: Reader question: I'm a little hazy with the pot bill. What does the bill do and what's going to happen with it?

Shorman: So, a committee held hearings on legislation this week that would allow the use of CBD oil and lessen penalties for first- and second-time marijuana penalization. CBD oil is extracted from marijuana and is sometimes used to treat diseases and conditions that have not responded well to traditional drugs, but unlike straight marijuana, it has low levels of THC, which is what produces a high. If the Senate panel that held hearings recommends passage of the bill, it will head to the Senate floor for potential debate.

Q: Why aren't the representatives working on the "real issues" at hand, instead of discussing the ban of "unprofessional clothing of women"! Maybe the men/women need to get their heads out of the "gutter"!

Carpenter: Members of the Kansas Legislature are engaged in a wide range of important issues. However, in the early weeks of the session there is often time for mischief. In this case, a Senate committee chairman took it upon himself to ban miniskirts and low- cut blouses for women testifying before his ethics committee. He set no fashion rules for men who testify. Why do conservatives who don't believe government should tell people how to live their lives get caught up in such controversy? Answer: By their own hand. We can all hope this episode of "Fashion Police" will be set aside so the budget deficit and other matters can be addressed.

Q: Reduce or eliminate food sales tax -- will Legislature keep their promise? Increase hurting poor and working families!

Shorman: On food sales tax, it's a bit of an unknown at this point. …

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